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Razed Esports gives a great gaming experience by competing in CS:GO Tournaments

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Here at Razed we are always training as a team to make sure our chemistry is on point and our strategies as a team are executed perfectly, Time and practice is key.


Razed Esports will always hunt down for awards, whether that may be trying to win big competitions that our talented, skilled team take part in to small community recognition awards, we will always be hungry for them!


We will always try and aim to be the best in everything we do. Business side to competitive side. We will always rise to that standard and be the best we can possibly be. 

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Taking Esports to another level

Competitive CS:GO Team Established in April 2018.

We are Razed Esports, and we are looking to be one of the Industry’s best. Established in 2018, we started CS:GO, and look to expand into othe rgames and platforms. Become Razed Today

Competitive CS:GO Team

Aiming to be the best

Always looking for expansion


Meet some of the important individuals that create Razed Esports

Eric "Runner" vermilya


RunNer founded the team in 2018 with hopes of competing in the CS:GO team. He wasn’t planning on having the team grow to as large as it did, but the team’s growth was always secondary to his primary goal: to win. He is a player on the CS:GO team and manages the twitter account for the team too.

Mitch "vipum" smith

CS:GO Player

Vipum is a player for the Razed CS:GO roster. He has been on the team since it was founded, and has been one of the best players on the team he has played. He currently holds some of the highest statistics for Razed in league, as well as the more impressive stats for individual play.

Ethan "Fl0WZAE" rogerson

Head Manager / Main Recruiter

Fl0wZae is the head manager and main recruiter for Razed Esports. He is currently building teams in Esports such as Rainbow 6 Siege. He joined the team in June of 2018, and has been instrumental in Razed growing into different games ever since.


We love our fans for everything they do, take a look at what some think of Razed!

Razed is a team full of great members who not only have the aim to make plays but also have the IQ to outplay any team they are up against.

– Eli

Razed Esports is my favourite team because they donated $1,000,000 for my research to genetically engineer cat girls

– DisgustedRex

No… We did not donate $1,000,000 for cat girl research 

– Razed Team

The new sensations in THE ESPORTS industry


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